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Long reads

Why we strike
Priyamvada Gopal, 'Speech at Cambridge University Student Union Solidarity Rally', Medium
Sophie Hope, Can I Have a P Please Bob
Marc Owen Johns, Why I Am Supporting the Strike
Waseem Yaqoob, 'Why We Strike', LRB 
Alice Evans, 'Why I'm Striking Over University Pensions', The Guardian
David Smith, Why I'm Doing It

Collective action
Brendan McGeever, Rethinking Collective Action: The 2018 University Strike, Discover Society
Architectural Workers, Architectural workers are striking! 
Joseph Cook, The Picket Line in the Digital Age

Neoliberalism and the university
Iida Käyhkö and Charlie Macnamara, 'An End in Sight for the Neoliberal University', Novara Media
Liz Morrish, 'Why the audit culture made me quit', Times Higher Education
Liz Morrish, 'A Few Things Vice Chancellors Might Learn from the USS Strikes, Academic Irregularities

Pension finances
Sean Wallis, 'Made in Westminster: The source of the USS ‘crisis’ – and the solution', The Convention for Higher Education
Sean Wallis, 'Mathematical Operations within the Normal Distribution', Corpling Stats 
Henry Tapper, 'Is the USS Pension Really in Crisis?', The Vision of the Pension Playpen
Sam Marsh and Matthew Malek, USS: Deficit? What deficit? 
David Huyssen, UUK's Premise
Michael Otsuka, Evidence-based Correction to UUK
Ewan McGaughey, 'Pension strike: university staff are getting a ‘Die Quickly’ pension plan. It won’t work', LSE Blog
David Cross, Are You Looking for Business? Pensions 
History Workshop, Pensions Syllabus