teach outs

Akil Scafe-Smith

Resolve are an interdisciplinary design collective that look at the combination of architecture, art, design and engineering to address social challenges. The Rebel Space was our inaugural project for the London Design Festival 2016, where we built a temporary pavilion in the heart of our native Brixton, open for 7 days and nights of exhibitions, performances, film-screenings and talks. The idea was, that amidst a ever-more closed and divided neighbourhood, perhaps an open, permeable space can connect people, perspectives, disciplines and entire bodies of knowledge for visions of a more equitable future. The second presented project was the Brixton PassageWay, a temporary transformation of an old abandoned space in Brixton Station Passageway. Here, using over 300 recycled cardboard boxes from the adjacent Brixton Market, we wanted to explore the question of ‘value’ in urban markets today: how are our markets socially, culturally, politically and environmentally valuable in our increasingly valorized cities?

Bartlett Strike