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Laurence Flint & Timmy Whitehouse

Our collaborative project focuses on the current plight of London’s Latin American communities in the face of urban regeneration. The Latin American community faces significant challenges in staking its claim to the city, with relocation and eviction happening across the city. 

We aim to facilitate the creation and enrichment of London’s Latin Quarter, currently sited in Elephant and Castle but under imminent threat through regeneration.Working with the Carnaval del Pueblo (London’s Latin American Carnival) we became involved with their campaign for Latin spaces in London. Working to a tight programme, our market stall project explored the potential for reactionary design to be used as an active campaign tool in the fight for community space and importantly, in itself, create a Latin space. Multiple stakeholders had to be contented with in order to create a spectacle, accurately portray the situation and create a Latin American focal point.

Our work this year will continue with the design of London's Latin Quarter and to try to engage as much as possible with real stakeholders.

We believe that a collaborative approach towards design is an aspect which is lacking in the school. We strongly appose neo-liberal attitudes to education, which continues to be detrimental to university life and we believe in protest via positive participation.This is why it was important for us to present the project on the picket line as part of Break // Line and support the strike.

Bartlett Strike